Waste water treatment plants

Waste water treatment plants manufactured and delivered by the company EWAC spol. s r.o. are intended especially for disposal of smaller and medium quantity of waste waters containing waterborne paints, adhesives, emulsions, stains, oil substances, surfactants, undissolved substances, heavy metals, etc. Technologies are manufactured according to individual customer´s needs. 

The company EWAC manufactures small compact technologies for cleaning of waste waters from small sources of pollution (up to 5 m3/hour), but also technological units of waste water treatment plants (up to 20 m3/hour).

Waste water treatment plants use either standard methods of cleaning of waste waters (FeCl3, H2SO4, Ca(OH)2, polymer flocculant) or there are proposed powder multi-component reaction products designed and delivered by the company EFA Chemie for the chemical method of cleaning of waste waters.

EWAC spol. s r.o. always proposes the more economical and more beneficial method of chemical cleaning for the customer.

In its own laboratory, the company EWAC spol. s r.o. makes complex analyses of samples of waste waters delivered by individual customers.

Proposed technologies are always in compliance with all legislative requirements.

Proposed technologies are intended for

  • Cleaning of rinse waters and degreasing baths from paint shops
  • Cleaning of waste waters containing cooling and cutting emulsions
  • Cleaning of waste waters from the glass industry (grinding and cutting of glass)
  • Cleaning of rinse waters from washing of vehicles (cars and trucks)
  • Cleaning of waste waters from printing companies and the paper industry
  • Cleaning of waste waters containing adhesives, emulsions, stains, pigments and paints






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