Sludge press EWAPRES

Manual press EWAPRES for sufficient draining of sludge is designed for draining containers EB 200. By using the manual power (possibility of pneumatic control), the sludge is mechanically or pneumatically drained in the container. By using this press, the percentage of dry matter is significantly reduced and thus there is also a significant price decrease for waste disposal.  

The sludge press is manufactured also for containers of 1,000 litres (containers from the company EISENMANN).  

Technical data of device EWAPRES 

Type of device  Performance of device (*) Width Height Depth Material Weight (**)
EWAPRES 1000 1.000 litres/1 cycle 1330 mm 2455 mm 1398 mm BS 285 kg


(*) - Performance of the device is dependent on the level of pollution of the waste water.

(**) - Weight of the device is shown without the filter medium.







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