Sedimentation device RCA

The device is also intended for cleaning of industrial waste waters containing colloids, heavy metals, oil substances and surfactants. The device works in semi-automated operation.

The device consists of a reaction tank, which is automatically put into operation after the entire cycle of cleaning and draining ends.

The operating and control unit, is a part of the delivery and it ensures semi-automated operation. The sedimentation device RCA is delivered including the draining tank ON 4 (gravity drainage) or EWAFIL (mechanical drainage).

Technical data

Type of device Performance (*) Volume Width Height Length Weight (**)
RCA 1000 1.0-2.0 m3/hr 1,060 litres 1,730 mm 1,710 mm 1,300 mm 191 kg
RCA 1500 2.0-3.0 m3/hr 1,540 litres 1,890 mm 1,860 mm 1,440 mm 222 kg
RCA 2000 3.0-4.0 m3/hr 1,990 litres 2,010 mm 2,015 mm 1,550 mm 255 kg

(*) – Performance of the device is dependent on the level of pollution of the waste water
(**) – Weight of the device is shown without the medium.

Dimensions are shown only for the reaction tank.
Total dimensions of the device are dependent on the type of the draining device.

Sedimentation device RCA 1500

A compact device intended for cleaning of waste waters containing waterborne paints, emulsions and adhesives.




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