Optimization of coagulation process (software solution)

The company EWAC spol. s r.o. has developed a system (software solution) of optimization of dosing of chemical products in industrial paint shops.

The software which was designed offers controlling of the entire process of coagulation of paints in paint shops.

Every painting program is assigned operation doses of dosing pumps for coagulant, flocculant and anti-foaming agent.

This system allows the setting of optimal process of coagulation of paints and varnishes in most various paint shops. The program allows the setting of up to 500 options of various modes of dosing of chemical products.

Regardless of the types of painted parts and paints used, it is possible to set up the most ideal environment for the coagulation process.

The Touch Screen panel with dosing pumps can be connected through this software with the controlling PC of the entire paint shop. 






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