Exhaust funnel

Exhaust funnel TR is intended for continuous exhaustion of coagulate from water surfaces.
Especially often, the exhaust funnel is installed in spray booths and lines where continuous cleaning of circulatory waters is performed.

Water with coagulate (precipitated sludge) is subsequently pumped into a separation device, e.g. a flotation device, sedimentation device or to a filtration device. With respect to the operation scale of the funnel, there is no need to keep exact operation water level in the spray booth.
The funnel can react to changes in water level of up to 145 mm. This scope of height difference can be eliminated by the inner floating part of the funnel.

The funnel is manufactured from PE.

Technical data

Funnel Type Stand size Funnel diameter Mouthpiece Operating water level
TR 01 260 x 260 mm 223 mm G 6/4" 175 - 265 mm
TR 02 260 x 260 mm 223 mm G 6/4" 275 - 420 mm
TR 03 260 x 260 mm 223 mm G 6/4" 340 - 485 mm
TR 04 260 x 260 mm 223 mm G 6/4" 405 - 550 mm



  • Continuous exhaustion of coagulate from water surfaces
  • Higher purity of circulatory water in the spray booth
  • Easy operation
  • Low weight
  • Chemical resistance




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