Dosing pumps

Dosing pump for coagulant and flocculant

TIMMER pump is designed for pumping highly viscous coagulation and flocculation chemical products Power supply is performed by 3.6 V batteries which are stored in an external enclosure The pump may only be used for pumping the coagulation or flocculation agents. Using other media can be done only with the permission of the manufacture.

  • Fluid temperature max 70°C
  • Operating pressure 4 – 6 bars
  • Nominal diameter of the compressed air supply is according the length, max. 8 mm.


Dosing pump for defoamer

The pump is used for pumping liquid products such as defoamers. The pump is equipped with a special seal of Viton, which is chemically resistant to these chemicals. The pump is supplied including suction and discharge valves.




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