Covering tacky and papers, dust mats

We offer various types of cover tacky and non-tacky foils for floors, doors, desks, walls, windows and lamps. Tacky foils contain adhesive and they are used for protection of surfaces in paint shops against their pollution and damage during painting. Foils are easily removable and do not leave residues of adhesives on the surface.

Non-tacky cover foils for cars are made of polyethylene and protect cars and their parts against pollution and work as a protection against overspray.

Tacky mat is an anti-dust mat which allows capturing of dust or impurities and thus significantly reduces the possibility of bringing impurities to clean rooms. By walking over the mat, dust and impurities from shoes are captured. 

Covering papers protect floors against pollution and overspray. 

Floor paper

  • Temporary protection of floors of spray booths against impurities, coloured overspray and dust
  • Flexible cardboard with white top side
  • Equipped with PE foil on both sides
  • Can be fixed by using a universal tape or Delta Duct Extra tape
  • Roll width: 130 cm
  • Length: 1 roll: 50 m²
  • Thickness: 0,45 mm
  • Packing: 1 pc



  • One-sided adhesive PE foil with acrylic adhesive
  • For protection of walls, windows and TL-luminairs against paint overspray
  • Also for protection of work tables in paint mixing rooms
  • Removable without glue residue up to 6 months
  • Resistant against water, mechanical damage, chemical influences and heat-proof up to 60 °C
  • Thickness: 30 and 50 µ
  • Dimension: 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00 x 100 m
  • Size: 0.50 m x 100 m or 1,00 m x 100 m


Dust mats

  • Tacky anti-dust mat allowing capture of dust or dirt and significantly reducing the possibility of bringing impurities into clean rooms
  • By walking across the mat, dust and dirt from shoes remain on it
  • Packing: 1 mat
  • Types of mats:
    1) Blue mat
    30/60 layer
    - Size: 115 x 45 or 115 x 60 or 115 x 90 cm
    2) White mat
    - 30/60 layer
    - Size: 115 x 45 or 115 x 60 or 115 x 90 cm
    3) Grey mat
    - 30/60 layer
    - Size: 115 x 45 or 115 x 60 or 115 x 90 cm 


Black-and-white floor covering foil

  • Black-and-white foil, tacky from the bottom side
  • Polyethylene foil protecting floors against contamination and damage
  • easy to remove without adhesive residues
  • UV-resistance: 12 months
  • Thickness: 80 μm (microns)
  • Roll size: 0.5 x 250 m




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