Paint shop equipment

In production, assembly, painting and other activities, pollution is made and dust is whirled. Especially in industrial paint shops there are oversprays and dust and this causes a high scrap rate. This results in the increase of production costs. Moreover, removal of this pollution costs a lot of time and it often means high costs for detergents and labour.

Therefore, EWAC offers you a complete portfolio of protective coatings for protection of spraybooths. We have at disposal peelable protective coatings for protection of walls, floors, windows and lamps, tacky paints for car paint shops and paint shops with higher pollution. In the section called Paint shop equipment, you can also find protective clothing, tacky rugs, industrial wipes, gloves, means of personal hygiene, masking stripes, abrasives and many other products.

We are able to adjust the assortment of products offered to meet your demands and your individual requirements.






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