Industrial chemistry

EWAC ensures deliveries of chemical products for variable industrial use.

Since 1998 the company has specialized in coagulation of paints and lacquers in industrial paint shops.
In this area, the company co-operates with European-leading manufacturers of chemical products who develop products according to the current needs of operators of industrial paint shops.


Another area is cleaning of industrial waste waters containing emulsions, dispersions, adhesives, stains, grease, etc. In this area, the company offers comprehensive solutions, from the proposal of the chemical process of coagulation to the proposal of technological solutions.

In recent years, the company EWAC has extended its activities to the area of treatment of process waters in cooling and boiler systems.

Employees of the company EWAC work with the relevant issues comprehensively. For fulfilment of particular requests we use our own laboratories. Based on laboratory analyses, a protocol with a technical solution is always worked out. Also, calculation of operating costs is an integral part of the presented solution.

In the area of industrial chemistry, we strive to present a comprehensive solution, from the chemical-technological proposal to the complete realization of the entire project for the customer. 





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