Industrial chemistry

Industrial chemicals

EWAC supplies chemical products to a variety of industries.
Since 1998, the company has specialised in coagulation of paints and varnishes in industrial paint shops.
Since 2006, the company has expanded its business activities to the field of industrial waste water treatment
and in the area of processing and circulating water treatment in various industries.
The company cooperates with the leading European manufacturers of chemical products in this area, who
have been working on the development and continuous improvement of the quality of supplied products.

Coagulation of paints and varnishes

Thanks to many years' experience in this field, EWAC is one of the leading suppliers in the Czech and Slovak
Republics. Since 1998, the company has been specialising in the coagulation of paints and varnishes, mainly in
the automotive, plastics, engineering and furniture industries.
EWAC is working with leading chemical product manufacturers to develop new products. EWAC also works
closely with manufacturers of paints and varnishes that are primarily intended for the automotive industry. The
policy of innovation and the high-quality of the products, coupled with individually focused customer service,
continue to have an impact on the ever-growing number of clients.
The strict rules of the QHSE Policy (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) are observed in production. The
processes always follow the ISO 9001:2016 and ISO 14001:2016 standards.

Industrial wastewater treatment

Since 2006, EWAC's activities have expanded to the field of industrial wastewater treatment and cleaning. We
mainly supply mainly powder reaction products from German company EFA Chemie for industrial wastewater
treatment. EWAC offers a comprehensive solution for industrial wastewater treatment with emulsions,
dispersions, adhesives, mordants, fats, etc. In this area we offer technical solutions from the design of the
chemical precipitation process to the complete design of technological equipment.

Water treatment in cooling and boiler systems

In the field of supply of chemical products for water treatment in cooling systems, these are mainly corrosion
inhibitors, hardness stabilisers, broadband biocides, etc.
We supply products such as oxygen binders, hardness stabilisers, corrosion inhibitors, sediment inhibitors, etc.
for the treatment of processing and circulating water in boiler systems.
We use our own laboratories to solve specific tasks. On the basis of laboratory analyses a protocol with a
proposal of technical solution is always elaborated. In the industrial chemicals field, we strive to provide the
customer with a comprehensive solution from chemical-technological design to the entire project's complete

Cleaning and disinfection of reservoirs

Since 2017, EWAC has been cooperating with CARELA®, which has been producing and supplying special
cleaners and disinfectants for drinking water equipment, water tanks, pipeline disinfection and wells, wells and
filters for over 40 years.





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